We have updated our email system to a new domain, you can now reach us at (firstname initial/last name/@reedtoolanddie.com). We are also using sales@reedtoolanddie.com for all purchasing, billing, and sales related emails. Our hope is that this change makes your job easier and improves communication. 

Anca TX7 Linear is on the way! Anca's innovative linear motor system has proven itself and we are excited to add another powerful machine capable of producing larger sized carbide and HSS tooling. 

Zoller Genius 3 is here! A powerful inspection machine which will give RTD more capabilities in measuring complex form, radii, and tight tolerances.

Studer Favorit is here! Studer is a very sturdy, reliable, and capable brand of circle grinding equipment.


We have the latest 3d software and are able to produce 3d views and sketches. We also now have the option to have YOU download a viewer that will allow you to see the 3d tool for youself! You can rotate/pan/zoom, add a note if needed and send the file back to be adjusted with the changes desired. Please Contact Us if you would like to try it out.



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